Saturday, October 2, 2010


What to do What to do??

I made this custom pair of earrings for a customer and really loved they way they turned out!:)
So while I was at Hobby Lobby picking up supplies to make a second pair so that I could list them on my Etsy, I also picked up supplies to make a really rockin black and silver pair. The beads were a little bit more expencive than the orange ones but I think these will be really great party earrings.

So I went about making these black and silver ones at the same time I was finishing up the custom orange pair for the order. I put the ear wires on the black/silver pair before the orange pair so if I messed up I could learn from my mistakes and do the orange pair (that needed to be shipped asap) right the first time:) Well did I ever mess up on the black/silver pair!! I cut the wrong wires off and now I don't have a wire to make a loop for the ear wire:( I'm going to see if I can salvage it.... if not I have to cut ALL the beads out of the wire, throw that wire away and start all over from scratch!! I just love crocheting jewelry:) Its like jewelry making on the If you don't get it right the first time.... your screwed!!

On another "oops" note: I just received a message from a local lady who bought one of my earliest necklaces. Back when I was still using 30 and 32 gauge wire to crochet with. Her necklace broke and came all unwound:( So I went by there and picked it up. (if you all don't know it I have a Lifetime Warranty on all of my pieces more info here: She was very understanding and told me that she loved the necklace and wore it a lot and always got lots of complements:) I'm so happy that she was enjoying it! So I am going to cut all of the beads out and restring them on 28 gauge wire and she should never have anymore problems!!

I'm glad that she came to me about the problem:) Its because of customers like her that my jewelry will just keep getting better and better in quality!


  1. You learn as you go, right? I know I do!
    That's really awesome you offer a lifetime warranty. It shows pride in your work and makes buyers feel better.

  2. Thanks, That is the main reason I offer the warranty. There aren't a lot of us out there who crochet jewelry so lessons get learned slower AND most people don't even know it exists and to some it looks too frail. SO if I offer the warranty I think people will feel better about purchasing:)