Sunday, October 3, 2010

Somewhat Productive Day

My friend over at is keeping me motivated to try and Blog regularly:) She always has the cutest blog and I love hearing about her exploits:) You will love her customized items including name blocks and ornaments! Be sure and check out her store!

I had a somewhat productive day. I did a little cleaning then headed out on the porch to enjoy this great fall weather we are having. While lounging in my wicker chair listening to the wind chimes and watching the kitty pouncing around in the grass:) I looked through and sticky flagged all the items I NEED to buy, WANT to buy, and might just HAVE to buy ;) in my 2010 comprehensive jewelry catalog from Firemountain Gems. All 1218 pages of it!

Once the wonderful fall weather turned into ...okay a little too chilly for me... I headed inside and tackled that darn earring that I fudged up the other day. I ended up having to cut all the beads back out and start over... then it messed up again but I just had to unwind all the connections and re wrap it. Then the darn bow wouldn't go one right!! I swear that earring is cursed!! lol Finally got the pair finished though. They look awesome, I hope you guys like them once I get the pics up.

After that I cut out all the beads of the necklace that I am fixing for a customer. Wiped and dusted the beads really good and then restrung and crocheted them. Then twisted them up and attached the clasp. Gonna get that back to her this week:) Glad the revamp went smoothly! Hopefully no more problems.

Then I finished a bracelet that I started over 2 years ago and never finished. I found it while cleaning out some supplies. It is a cuff crocheted with embroidery floss. I will post pics of it as well although I love it so much I will be keeping it for myself:)

Thats one of the things I love about jewelry making. When you are sitting there making stuff to sell if there is something you have been wanting for yourself... you just make it!! Its wonderful:) Like this evening after I finished the revamp on the necklace I crocheted myself
a thumb ring. I like the way it turned out but I am going to tweak a few things for the sale version.

And last but certainly not least: I made a necklace for this awesome pendant from She is so very talented... you have to check out her glass:) I'm SO happy with the way the necklace turned out and can't wait to show you guys:)
Tomorrow after work I will hopefully get pictures for you all to see!

Gearing up for my first event this weekend. Its just a small family fun day and its not just handmade sellers so I am going to get some anklets and stuff like that made up. That way I have more affordable options. I'm not expecting much but it will be a good dry run for those to come in November and December.

Okay well I better hit the hay. Goodnight all:)


  1. Sounds like you had a good day! I also have some fused glass pieces from FirstLightGlass on Etsy. Two small dishes and a pendant with a dog sticking it's head out the window. :) <3

  2. thanks for the shoutout, megs! :)

    i hope you keep up with the updates, i'm enjoying seeing your items in a different setting, they're all so pretty.