Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thanks to all my wonderful fans!! I am now well on my way to 300!
You all still need to enter the contest for the Crochet earrings. There hasn't been a lot of entries so you all have a very good chance of winning!!
To enter comment on this post what your pair of earrings would look like. Above are examples of the earrings you will be winning(these pics don't have the earwires yet). Let me know in your post what color wire you would want Copper, Gold, or Silver. And what color seed beads you would want. Saturday is the last day you can enter so hurry up and get in your entries and let all your friends know!!
Thanks again everyone!!~Meg

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Stuff and Catching Up!!

Did some creating today and I have to say I am loving the outcome! I made my first crochet ring! It's quite cool if I do say so myself. It was supposed to be an earring but when it was done I was thinking this is not going to look good. The way I was holding it to look at it was right in front of my hand and I thought: WAIT! this would make an awesome ring!! Tell me what you think!

I fixed a Sterling Sliver and Agate bracelet that I crocheted some time back. I had put crimps on it but they did not hold so I just wound the wire around and that worked better. It has an adjustable chain. Since it would be a more expensive piece because of the SS I wanted to be able to make one and sell that one not have to make another in the right size.!/photo.php?pid=6233751&id=169160661744

I also re-glued some leather bracelets I had crocheted a couple of years ago. The glue I used then didn't hold so I guess we shall see about this glue! Wish me luck!! I don't think I am going to do glue-ons anymore.!/photo.php?pid=6233838&id=169160661744

I've Been adding anklets that are already made up in my stash to my Artfire page. Yall will have to check those out!

Okay! Last but not least:) My new little kitty must be feeling neglected today with all the crocheting, picture taking, and uploading I have been doing! So I had to take and upload just ONE more picture!!! Okay.....Two!!!!!/photo.php?pid=30746211&id=1391291006

Saturday, June 12, 2010

200 FANS!!!!!! Contest Details

I'm now at 200 Fans!!! Thanks everyone for spreading the word.
As I mentioned before I am giving away a pair of round shell earrings to celebrate, Customized for the winner!! To enter reply to this blog with the colors you would want in your earrings(including wire color) and in one week I will put all the names in a hat and draw a winner!!
As a thank you to all my fans I am going to be selling my basic anklets (Custom) But two get one free. That is three for eight bucks. Plus: I give a free one for every purchase so you will get Four for eight bucks. Only one dollar to ship anywhere in the U.S. These are great for everyday wear and make great gifts!!

Go to this link to find earrings. They come in Silver/copper/ or gold wire and almost any bead color.
Thanks again everyone!~Meghan

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanks To All My Fans!!!

Hi everyone,
I am so thankful to all my fans. When I started this journey I had just under 50 and now I am coming up on 200!! So to celebrate I am going to be giving away a pair of custom round shell earrings. Once I reach the big 200 I will post instructions on how to enter the contest. Thanks again to all my fans!!