Sunday, August 29, 2010

400 Fans!!! WOW!! Giveaway details.

Here we GO!!!!!!
For my 400 fan milestone celebration I will be giving away three prizes!! 1st prize is a $15.00 gift certificate 2nd prize is a $10.00 gift certificate and 3rd prize is a $5.00 gift certificate. This way you get to choose your own prize! I will use to choose the winner and you will be assigned a number in the order that you leave a comment. So the first commenter will be #1 and so on.

To enter the contest here is what you need to do: Go over to my store and pick your LEAST favorite item AND your 3 FAVORITE items. List them either here or on my FB page.(preferably here as it will be easier to keep my numbers straight:)

The reason I want you guys to do this is because I am fixing to be moving items from my Artfire to my Etsy and since you have to pay 20 cents for each item I want to make sure that I am moving the right ones!!

I hope this all makes sense:) Good luck to you all and thanks so much for getting me here!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And the winner is......

Thanks again to all my wonderful fans for getting me here!!
I gave everyone a number in the order of when they entered my contest and then used to generate the winning number. The winner is....... VaBeachQuilter!!!
Congratulations!!!! I hope you enjoy this necklace!!
I am now well on my way to 400 and will be having another giveaway when I reach that goal!!
Thanks again everyone this has been fun!!!