Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Handmade Shopping Cart Part 2

More handmade items that I just love!! I have simplified the post so that I can showcase more artists at a time:) So fewer pictures and more links:)

1st artist in this post will be Celtic Crossing. I got this awesome wire wrapped birthstone ring from her. I get complements on it everywhere I go! She has a great shop and is wonderful to work with. You can also find her on Facebook. Click here for one of my favorite items in her shop right now!

2nd artist is ShapedByHand
I have this adorable little toe ring from her and I also got a heart bracelet for my sister in-law for Christmas. She just loved it! Shaped by hand has the most creative pieces in her shop and I love the updates on new pieces that she post on her Facebook Page. Click here for one of my favorite pieces in her shop right now!

3rd artists is BillieBlueBoutique. She has the cutest earrings at a great price! I have gotten 4 pairs from here an will definitely go back for more! Here is her shop and Facebook page! Click here for one of my favorites in her shop right now!

4th artist is BirdysNest. I have gotten lots of things from her because ... well.... shes my mom;) This is one of my most favorites!!

She does really unique and quirky stuff and you should really check her out!! Find her on Etsy or her Facebook page. Click here for one of my favorites in her shop right now!

5th artist is

SalutationsCrochet. I have the prettiest wash cloths from her. You just have to check out her store! She also had the cutest stuff for little kids! Also find her on Facebook!

Okay one more an then we will wrap of this addition of My Handmade shopping cart!

Last but not least! We have TheGoodOleDays. She sews wonderful aprons for Men and
women! She also made me this valance and a pillow cover! She does a great job and is so easy to work with on a custom order! She made the valance out of napkins that she also sews! You have to check out her shop and her Facebook page! Click here for my favorite thing in her shop right now!

Well thats it for this post:) I hope you found some new favorite shops and maybe even purchased a few things! Stay tuned for My Shopping Cart Part 3!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

600 Fan Giveaway!

WOW!! That is just so cool!! Thanks to everyone out there who has liked and shared my page! I love all of you guys. It is great to have so much support. So as a thank you I am having a giveaway. Everyone is eligible (except family members...sorry yall!!:) So Here is what you have to do to enter:

Comment ON THIS BLOG with questions or reservations you may have about crochet jewelry. If you have purchased something from me comment with what you thought about your purchase and if there was anything that surprised you about it.

I am very interested to know what people are thinking about crochet jewelry so that I can better inform people in my listings and answer questions they may be thinking.

Thank you so much everyone for participating!! Once I get some good feedback I will choose a winner or winners:) What you will be winning is a secret until then. Don't worry...its going to be nice!!

Good Luck everyone!!