Sunday, August 29, 2010

400 Fans!!! WOW!! Giveaway details.

Here we GO!!!!!!
For my 400 fan milestone celebration I will be giving away three prizes!! 1st prize is a $15.00 gift certificate 2nd prize is a $10.00 gift certificate and 3rd prize is a $5.00 gift certificate. This way you get to choose your own prize! I will use to choose the winner and you will be assigned a number in the order that you leave a comment. So the first commenter will be #1 and so on.

To enter the contest here is what you need to do: Go over to my store and pick your LEAST favorite item AND your 3 FAVORITE items. List them either here or on my FB page.(preferably here as it will be easier to keep my numbers straight:)

The reason I want you guys to do this is because I am fixing to be moving items from my Artfire to my Etsy and since you have to pay 20 cents for each item I want to make sure that I am moving the right ones!!

I hope this all makes sense:) Good luck to you all and thanks so much for getting me here!!


  1. Favorites:
    1. The Goddess in gold. Crochet Necklace
    2. *Genesis* Customizable Strand Necklace
    3. Crochet Green and Brown Necklace

    Least Favorite
    Crochet Tie On Necklace

    It was hard to choose a least favorite! Your stuff is really lovely!

  2. My least favorite is the Wedded Whimsy, It's just not colorful enough for my taste.

    But my faves are the Basic Crocheted Anklet, the Senorita and the Moss Agate and Sterling Silver Crochet Bracelet

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  3. What a great idea...:) Glad you are going to add more to etsy to..

    ok:: My favorites:



    Least Favorite..

    So hard to pic...I love the green but kinda just looks plain...That is why I chose it...

    Happy 400...That rocks...I will be glad to see more of your items on etsy..:))
    Happy Sales

  4. So starting with the least favourite item that would all of the scarves because they dont go with the theme of jewelry.

    And the most favourites:
    1. Moss agate and sterling silver crochet bracelet
    2. Swaroski crystal butterfly pendant on crochet beaded chain
    3. The goddess in silver.crocheted necklace

    Congrats on reaching 400.hope you make a good shop at etsy and it was pleasure helping you :)

  5. Of course my very favorite is SEA SWEPT
    Second is IRISH RAIN

    Least favorite are the shell earrings and resin double donut earrings.

    Love all of your cuffs and will be ordering Christmas soon.

  6. Love the blue one.. then saw the black one.. love them both!! Beautiful Meg's

    Favorite Item
    Least Fav I honestly don't have one.. really!

  7. Love these items: Purple Donut Earrings Oval Earrings Green Earrings

    Don't really care for the scarves. As someone else stated, they don't mix with the "theme" of your shop.

  8. My least favourite is the "purple and red" crochet necklace

    My 3 favourites are:
    the "Drops in her Web" bracelet (I love all your crocheted cuff bracelets actually)
    "Sea Swept" copper ring
    "Smokey Plum" bracelet

    I love the moss agate bracelet too!

    Congratulations on getting to 400 likers!

  9. Thank you all for your comments!! I will be doing the drawing on the 10th.

  10. Gosh what a hard decision!!! Everything is so beautiful!
    My faves are:
    1. Sea Swept Bracelet/Anklet
    2. The Goddess in Gold, Crochet Necklace
    3. Blue/Mix Crochet Wire Necklace

    My least fave is:
    Crocheted Purple Shell Donut Earrings

    Congrats on reaching 400!!! You are so talented!

    Cyndi :-)

  11. First off, I'd hate to list my least fave because I think they're all wonderful! But if I had to pick...which I do for the contest I'll say
    Least - Wedded Whimsy

    Fave 3 (much easier...sort of...)

    Crochet Cuff Adjustable Bracelet
    *Customizable* Crochet Anklet/Bracelet/Chokers?

    But I love all your stuff!♥

  12. What a wonderful idea :)

    Least favorite...

    My faves...



    I have a tie for 3rd place LOL



  13. Congrats on reaching 400 Followers, I'm glad to be one of them.

    I love your Crocheted Bracelets.

    Good Luck to everyone :)

    Handcrafted for Style