Saturday, May 21, 2011

Setting Up My GoPayment

If you haven't read how I chose Intuits’ GoPayment for my credit card reader and payment service, it can be found here:

Now, After receiving the reader and activating my new phone I clicked this link that I was sent earlier and went through the application process for the Intuit Payments service. I am actually not very good with all this technical stuff so I had a few questions. I emailed the person back who sent me the link and who was so helpful with the card reader. Within no time she replied back with an answer and was very nice! We actually ended up talking back and forth for quite sometime through e-mail as she walked me through! It was so nice to have someone who seemed to care and didn’t seem bothered by my questions one bit!

**Just a quick note: Intuits GoPayment is the service you use to swipe the credit cards on your phone. Intuit Payments is your account that handles your transactions, statements and transfers the money to your checking account, and where you will go to accept credit cards or access your account on your computer. As of right now, you cannot link your Intuit account with your PayPal account. Hoping that will change soon!**

Once I finished the application process I was approved very quickly. Then I went to the Market on my smartphone and searched for GoPayment. It came right up and I downloaded it to my phone. She then told me to go into my Intuit Payments account and set up another user. This user is actually for my phone. To do this, log into your Intuit Payments account, go to “manage payments” and then “add new user." Choose a short user name and password that will be easy to type in on your smart phone.

Now you are all set up and ready to go! If you are anything like me, you are going to want to test it out first to make sure it works! So first things first: Attach your intuit card reader to the speaker jack in your smartphone/device. Then go to your GoPayment app and type in your user name and password/pin. Now, before you go to “charge” you need to go to “settings” then “enable swiper.” It may ask you to choose a swiper. You are looking for the “audio swiper.” Choose and enable your swiper. You need to go in and do this every time you take the swiper off and put it back on, just to make sure! Now go back to the first screen, then go to charge. Now type in the amount you want to charge - I chose $1.00 - then it will ask you to swipe the card (unable to talk one of my neighbors into coming over and buying some jewelry, I swiped my own card! lol). Once you swipe the card all the information will auto fill. Then click the “charge” button at the bottom. Once the charge goes through it will ask you if you want to send an email receipt to the credit card holder. Most buyers ask that you do, so just enter their email address and viola! - it sends the receipt to buyer. You will also receive a confirmation on the payment. Yay!! You have made your first credit card charge! Now you can log into your Intuit Payments account and void the charge. That way it doesn’t bill your credit card for the $1.00.

Just a little note: Be sure and have your volume turned up all the way as this will ensure a good signal for the card reader. Also, while the reader is plugged in, you will not be able to hear anything out of your speaker. So you won’t know if someone calls/texts and you won’t be able to make calls.

If you have not received your reader by your first show, don’t fret. You can enter the credit card info manually. Log into your GoPayment account with your phone or your Intuit Payments account with your laptop. Go to charge or process credit card. Enter in the amount, the credit card info and then click charge. Intuit charges a slightly higher fee for this method.

Another perk of Intuit is you can enter credit card numbers online. So if you have someone who wants to give you their info over the phone or by email you can do it that way.

Now for some technical info:

Fees: GoPayment is totally free to use including the reader. All you pay is 2.7% on each swiper transaction and 3.7% on each manual transaction.

Devices: GoPayment is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry phones. To see if your phone is compatible go here. Scroll down to “compatible devices” and click “see all devices.”

Credit Cards: You will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and with an extra application process, American Express.

More Questions: Check out the FAQ section for even more info!

Intuits Payments: When you want to access your payment info on your laptop or computer go here. Go up to “login” in the upper right hand corner. Select “Other Services” and then select “Payment Solutions”. Then type in your main login(which should be your email address) and your password.

I hope that this information has been helpful! Feel free to ask any questions that I may not have covered! My next post will describe my first craft show experience with my GoPayment, including shoppers reactions and ease of use! Stay Tuned!

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