Friday, January 21, 2011

600 Fan Giveaway!

WOW!! That is just so cool!! Thanks to everyone out there who has liked and shared my page! I love all of you guys. It is great to have so much support. So as a thank you I am having a giveaway. Everyone is eligible (except family members...sorry yall!!:) So Here is what you have to do to enter:

Comment ON THIS BLOG with questions or reservations you may have about crochet jewelry. If you have purchased something from me comment with what you thought about your purchase and if there was anything that surprised you about it.

I am very interested to know what people are thinking about crochet jewelry so that I can better inform people in my listings and answer questions they may be thinking.

Thank you so much everyone for participating!! Once I get some good feedback I will choose a winner or winners:) What you will be winning is a secret until then. Don't worry...its going to be nice!!

Good Luck everyone!!


  1. I think my reservation with crochet jewelry (especially when I try to make it) is always the closures. I never feel like the wire is stable enough to handle the closure and worry that after I wear it a few times, it may be too fragile and break!

    Congrats on 600 fans!

  2. Perfect comment Feisty:)

    When I first started making crochet jewelry this actually was a relevant problem. I was using low quality wire and at too fine of a gauge. Luckily my customers let me know of the problem and I quickly resolved it by using a slightly thicker wire and a MUCH higher quality wire. I also reinforce the connection so that it will be extra strong. Now my connections are super strong.

    In comparison on most jewelry the connection to the clasp is using either a jump ring or whatever stringing material looped and crimped. So if you think about it crochet wire connections are much more sturdy.

    I also offer a lifetime warranty on all of my pieces. This way if I in someway didn't make the connection strong enough I will fix it in the event of a breakage.

    Thanks so much feisty for your comment! This will definitely be on my list of concerns to address in my listings!

  3. 600 fans that's great !!!! what a beautiful giveaway

  4. Well, I have one of your bracelets and I thought it would be heavier and maybe a bit scratchy? But it is perfectly smooth, light as a feather and very comfortable. I don't even realize I am wearing it. Plus it is gorgeous!!

  5. congrats to you on 600 fans....That is so great...I love your work and think it is so neat to add those tiny beads and make an amazing piece of artwork to wear...I wish you happy sales....:))

  6. Honestly...I cannot think of one concern or question!! I would love to own one of your bracelets...they are GORGEOUS!!! It has been FUN getting to know you a little this week...through ETSY & facebook!!

    Take Care,

    Signs & Salvage

  7. Yay!! 600 fans is awesome!! I love everything in your shop.. and I REALLY love the necklace that I won on your last giveaway.. Yay!!

    Fingers crossed that I win again.. hahaha

    Thanks so much for another awesome giveaway.

    Tam ♥♥

  8. Your work is beautiful! I know that one question I had initially about crochet jewelry (though you answered it for me on the forums) is whether the wire is "bendy" or holds its shape, and whether it has edges that could get caught on something. So, I'll pose that question in case anyone else was wondering that same thing. :)

  9. Thanks for the post DoBats!:)

    Great question! The wire is very thin and once crocheted it creates a wonderful weave. It is smooth and flexible. As Celine mentioned above they are very comfortable to wear:)

    The only snags I ever get with my own jewelry that I wear is my thumb ring. It will pull my hair a little with I put my hair up. More because of the beads on the edges than the wire. I think I like the other version of that ring better for everyday wear that has the beads in the body of the ring.

    Thanks again guys and keep the comments coming and do feel free to share!:)

  10. I Love your stuff you are so sweet!!! I hope to see more of your amazing work as the warm weather starts up and bright colors fill our lives. I guess the only question is, is how tough is crocheted jewelry? Will it last through wear and tear. LIke your Cuffs are SOOOO gorgeous, but can I wear them more then a handful of times, or will they start to come undone? Silly question I'm sure, but I really can't think of anything to ask.

  11. Great question Kisa!! Thanks!!

    Wire crochet is very durable and holds up the regular wear. I have a necklace that is the very first piece that I made. It is out of crappy wire and I have worn it a lot and never had any problems. The wire I use now is 500 times better!

    Also I have improved my designs to make the more durable for everyday wear.

    Obviously if working in the garden and a lot of out door rough work is what you would be doing then you would probably want to get one of my more durable cuffs that aren't made of wire.

    But for regular wear you should never have any problems. And in the unlikely even something does go wrong with it. I offer a lifetime warranty so all you have to do is send it to me and I will fix it!

    Thanks again everyone!! You have all been very helpful!!

  12. thank you so much for my jewelery i love it angie bridges

  13. The winner has been chosen. Congratulations DoBats.

    Thank you all for your participation. This has yielded lots of great info that I hope to use to generate more sales for my shop!

    Thanks a bunch everyone!!