Saturday, October 23, 2010

I hit the Farmers Market with 20 bucks!! See what treasures I found:)

I went to our local farmers market this morning since I had to be up SO early (9) hehe to be at the post office.
Iv been wanting to go all year and this is the first morning I have actually gone! I am sooo BAD! So here are the treasures I found with my 20 bucks:)

3 Eggplants to
go with my measly 1 that I grew in my garden. Can you say Eggplant Parmesan?;) The lady said they had trouble with eggplant too this year so that makes me feel better:)

4 garlic heads I am going to break apart and plant in my garden so I can have fresh garlic next year:) I was so excited to see them! Seems I have missed the ideal planting time so there aren't any in the seed stores.

A jar of chow chow (pickled vegetable straight from the garden) mmmm I've been wanting some soooo bad! This one has cabbage, onions and peppers I think. He said its a little spicy:)

Some homemade cereal candy with PECANS!! mmmm Can't wait to dig into that one!!

A HUGE loaf of pumpkin bread made with fresh, from the garden, pumpkin. It smelled so
awesome on the way home I ate a slice for breakfast:) it was deli-sh!!

Pint of Local honey....he didn't have any comb:( But he did have the cutest little bees
wax candles in all different shapes. I loved the little pine cones! I almost got some lip-balm but I ran out of was only 2 bucks. Should have got some change from the truck...darn it!!

And last but not least a Viola for the garden:) I planted a whole bunch from seed but none have blooms yet so I got this little guy. He is so cute! Purple and orange!! My fav colors:)

It was really great... I am thinking of bringing my jewelry there one morning in november....maybe sell a few things. Its really small but your guaranteed to have good conversation and way too many REALLY awesome things to eat:)


  1. I love farmers markets! This sounds so awesome, I should look to see if there's one in my area. There's something about the homemade stuff that makes it seem much more tempting than anything at the store!

  2. awesome post, megs! I love how much you were able to get, too. Farmer's Markets around here are just ridiculously expensive and crowded. That flower is really pretty, too :)
    -ash/little champ

  3. I'm coming over for eggplant parm & pumpkin bread...YUM!!!!